EDEN Campaigns

Name of Campaign: Living well in harmony with the Drin!
Duration: April - October 2015

EDEN centre within the framework of the "Act4Drin" project, funded byCEPF, initiated byMIO-ECSDE has undertaken a series of activities aimimg to raise public awareness, enhance knowledge and empower NGOs to protect and conserve freshwater ecosystems in the Drin River Basin.
Here are the triplet movies: Vepro për Drinin 1,Vepro për Drinin 2Vepro për Drinin 3
Here is the Publication in different languages.

Name of Campaign: I will vote…and voting green in local elections 2015 is crucial for my quality of life
Duration: April - October 2015

The campaign aims to organize a nonpartisan, nonpolitical public campaign in 5 cities of Albania (Tiranë, Elbasan, Berat, Vlorë, Shkodër) to stimulate people activeness and bring up environmental and sustainable development issues during local elections 2015. Through this project we focused our work in increasing the number of voters in local election 2015 in 5 cities that are expressing their views and expectations for a better quality of live and to pave a constructive communication relationship with candidates and later on the new mayors for increased environmental awareness in setting up local policies and plans. This campaign is supported by American Embassy in Tirana.
Evaluation report of citizens perception on environmental issues and their solutions pdf!.

Name of Campaign: National elections 2013…Give Albania a sustainable development!
Duration:  March –  July 2013

This campaign aims to organize a nonpolitical, nonpartisan campaign in 4 cities of Albania (Shkodër, Elbasan, Berat, Fushë Krujë) to bring environmental and sustainable development issues during the national elections 2013. Through this campaign we have focused our work on program election of the candidates; raising awareness of the community to their rights and media lobying and parties to discuss the environmental issues during the elections.
Raport “Zgjedhjet qendrore 2013___Jepini Shqipërisë një zhvillim të qëndrueshëm!”.pdf

Name of Campaign: Up-cycling
Duration: January - June 2013

The international campaign “Up-cycling”  will raise the environmental awareness through promoting this concept in various ways. Upcycling its the transformation of waste into something that has value or use of the same or greater than the initial material. This is a very useful concept area, which serves as an alternative or supplement concept of reuse. Increased awareness of evaluation facilities and customer highlights environmental consequences.
This campaign its coordinated by a group of youngest from: Czech Republic, Rusia, Letonia, Armenia, Portugal, Albania.
Broshure Up-cycling

Name of Campaign: Right Bee
Duration: April 2013

This international campaign aims to attract attention and raise awareness of people about the disappearance of honey bees in Europe through an action for planting plants creating a "kindergarten" in the city which will provide more food sources for bees . This action has been implemented on April 20 to 21 that are close to the celebration of teh Earth Day. This  campaign makes aware every citizen in the world to be involved in this initiative and to realize something about the bees in his country.
Pionering cities of this campaign: Czech Republic, Germany, Polonia, Albania.

Name of Campaign:  Care for the future? Care for the forests? 
Forest report for Finland, England, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rusia and Albania(PDF)
Duration: July - December 2011

The United Nations has designated the year 2011 as the International Year of Forests. Living in a safe and healthy environment  is an important right of people, and forests play an important role in maintaining a clean environment. Unfortunately, not all realize their importance and the forests are destroyed by a concerning step in many countries. For this reason YEE and its member organizations are organizing a campaign to forests during the summer and autumn of 2011, to be held in 6 European countries.
The campaign its coordinated by a group of youngests from: Finland, England, Portugal, Czech Republic, Rusia and Albania.

Name of Campaign: Let Albania have real flowers not plastic ones (PDF)
Duration: January 2010 – April 2011

The goal of this campaign is to decrease the pollution from plastic bags in Albania. Through this campaign we worked to increased awareness on the harms of usage of plastic bags, to reduce the usage of plastic bags, to introduce fees for plastic bags in the supermarkets and we are proud that we have influenced in draft law on “Wrapping and its waste”. Although this campaign is over, the purpose of this campaign is the goal of EDEN center in every activity that we implement. 

Refuse today the plastic bag that is given to you and start using textile bag :)
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Name of CampaignAct now! – National Campaign for Changes in Environment
Duration: November 2009 – September 2010

Waste campaign “Act Now” was part of the national campaign named Act Now, managed by Milieukontakt International and financed by Embassy of Netherlands in Albania. With a dedicated aimed at increasing public awareness on reducing and reusing urban waste.
Beside designing and leading the raise awareness waste campaign nationwide, working on presentation of the position paper to the central and local institution throughout Albania, mediatizing and using innovative and creative tools for public awareness and education, we had the opportunity to coach and support implementation of local campaign by our sibling organizations
Promotion materials: Recycle of paperRecycle of plasticRecycle of glass.

Name of CampaignActivities on public information and raising awareness related to the Termo Power Plant in Porto Romano, Durrës
Duration: Prill – Shtator 2009