Year:                                   2018
                 STOP Plastic pollution
Location:                          Games Park closed to Pyramid, Tiranë  
Financial supported:       A project co-funded by the European Union and
                                          the national funds of the participating countries
Partner:                            Tirana Municipality, New York school in Tirana

EDEN centre and Tirana Municipality starts the promotion of BAS project (Benefit as you Save) in the occasion of International Earth Day!

This special day gathered together at the new Games Park closed to Pyramid in Tirana, 60 students and volunteers to say "STOP Plastic Pollution!” For 14 consecutive years we have been trying to convey to the citizens messages for the protection of our land and we have called them to join us with their actions.

2015Year:                                   2015
"It is our turn to lead"
Location:                          Tirana Zoo  
Financial supported:       EDEN contirbution 
Partner:                             YEE (Youth and Environmnet Europe)

Earth Day message for this year was "Climate change - it is our turn to lead". To be more receptive, this year Earth Day was celebrated at the Ecological Education Centre near Tirana Zoo. Present at the event were volunteers of EDEN center and students of secondary school  "Kristaq Rama".

2014Year:                                    2014
"Green cities"
Location:                             Durrës
Financial supported:         American Embassy
Partner:                               Durrës Municipality, Regional Environment Center

Earth Day message for this year had as theme "Green Cities", a collaboration with the US Embassy, the Municipality of Durres, REC and the involvement of volunteers and citizens. The celebration had activities to build examples of city ecological eco-monopoly game messaging environment in which children played and